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An SsrContext object holds global-state-related data persistent across multiple SSR (server-side rendering) iterations.


SsrContext objects are just plain JS objects with the fields documented below.

For the first SSR iterations any object, including the empty one {}, may be provided to the GlobalStateProvider: the necessary fields will be automatically (re-)initialized as needed. Any other object fields won't be touched, thus you may use the object to keep other data needed across SSR iterations for you app, and you can access the current SsrContext from within a React component using the getSsrContext() hook.


  • dirty - boolean - true means the global state content has been modified during the last SSR iteration; false means the opposite.
  • pending - Promise[] - An array of unresolved promises (pending async operations) that should be awaited prior to the next SSR iteration (see useAsyncData()).
  • state - any - Entire global state content at the end of the last SSR iteration.