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Transforms importing of asset files at compile time using Babel. This plugin removes the need to run your server code through Webpack module bundler when using loaders such as file-loader, url-loader and building isomorphic universal apps. Aids in creating a cleaner, maintainable build process at the cost of yet another Babel plugin.


This is a fork of babel-plugin-transform-assets upgraded to be compatible with the latest Webpack's file-loder, and to use the latest versions of all dependencies. For migration just prefix the plugin name with @dr.pogodin/ scopename in your package.json and Babel configs.


import file from '../file.txt';

will be transformed to

var file = 'file.txt?9LDjftP';

See the spec for more examples.


Babel v6 or higher.


npm install -D @dr.pogodin/babel-plugin-transform-assets


Via .babelrc


  "plugins": [
      ["@dr.pogodin/transform-assets", {
          "extensions": ["svg"],
          "name": "[name].[ext]?[sha512:hash:base64:7]"

Via Node API

require('babel-core').transform('code', {
    plugins: [
        ['@dr.pogodin/transform-assets', {
            extensions: ['svg'],
            name: '[name].[ext]?[sha512:hash:base64:7]',


Contributions are very welcome—bug fixes, features, documentation, tests. Just make sure the tests are passing.

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