Software Engineering

Welcome to my software engineering portfolio. I am great in full stack web development within JavaScript ecosystem in general, and with ReactJS / ExpressJS in particular; also good in C++ development, including for complex math & science-oriented projects; and in a bunch of other stuff. I am available for hire as an independent contractor, feel free ‌to reach me out‌ to discuss your project and terms.

Topcoder Records

Since 2016 I am an active member of ‌Topcoder‌ community, known as ‌birdofpreyru; and I earn my living mostly by competing in paid software engineering challenges at Topcoder, and sometimes acting as a technical project manager (copilot) for some of their compeitions. Within these years I won two Software Development Champion titles in Topcoder Open tournaments (in ‌2020, and ‌2017); and I was distinguished as one of ‌Topcoder's Most Valuable Players.

Below is the list of my victories in public Topcoder challeges, and of medium-to-large competitions I was in charge of as a technical manager (copilot). Beside these, I have also worked via Topcoder on numerious private tasks and projects for large corporate clients, which cannot be listed here because of their NDA terms.

Records Legend:

/ / ‌ – Topcoder Open Champion in a Data Science / Development / Design track.
1st – challenge winner
2nd – challenge runner-up
– another prize placement
– copilot (technical project manager)
NOTE: Updates of these records have been disabled on Dec 14, 2023 as changes in the underlying Topcoder APIs rendered the current implementation non-functional. Currently there is no certain plan to fix it.

Open Source

Here are some open source libraries I have created/forked, and currently maintaining (these are mostly tooling for React development):

∗) d/mo are the monthly download numbers.

If you feel like to support my further open source work:

Android Applications

Some pet projects for Android:

iOS Applications

Some pet projects for iOS:

Web Development

Some pet projects for web:

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