Software Engineering

Do you need software engineering services? Look no further! Whether it is a backend, a frontend, or an algorithm job, with the appropriate budget I will handle it professionally, and efficiently.

I have a diverse software engineering experience, both as a developer, and as a technical project manager. Depending on the project size and scope, I may handle it personally, or help you to leverage 1M+ members strong ‌Topcoder's Data Science, Design, and Development community to get the job done.

I am a prominent member of Topcoder community myself, known as ‌birdofpreyru. ‌Topcoder MVP, and ‌2017 Topcoder Open Software Development Champion, with a great record of success in their competition-based software engineering challenges. Also a technical project manager (“copilot”, in Topcoder terminology) for development and data-science challenges.

Contracting me directly, you can secure one of the top Topcoder members to handle your project, combining the best of two words: the same award-winning professional overseeing, and developing your entire project, and the strength of leading crowdsourcing community, where delegation of work is beneficial for the project quality and speed.

My Topcoder Records

Each victory mark corresponds to a Topcoder challenge (a real-world software engineering, or data-science problem) completed successfully in different roles:
Topcoder Open Champion
another prize placement
copilot (technical project manager)

Web-Development: ReactJS

ReactJS‌ is my frontend framework of choice for web development. To the degree that I develop and maintain a personal set of open source libraries focused on efficient and advanced ReactJS engineering.
  • React Starter‌ – Starting pack for ReactJS applications, based on ‌@dr.pogodin/react-utils‌ and supporting server-side rendering (SSR), hot module reloading (HMR), and other advanced technics for production usage, and development.
  • @dr.pogodin/react-utils‌ (source) – Collection of generic ReactJS configurations, components, and utilities, for efficient, and advanced web-development.
  • @dr.pogodin/babel-preset-svgr‌ (source) – Babel preset for SVG images inside ReactJS applications, which relies on ‌SVGR‌ (the most popular library for SVG images inside ReactJS aps), and makes it work for server-side rendering, and hot module reloading (HMR), along with the usual client-side rendering.
  • @dr.pogodin/react-global-state‌ (source) – Efficient and simple global state management for React, implemented with hooks, and spiced by useful data managment functions (asyncroneous retreival, caching, etc.), and the server-side rendering (SSR) support.
  • @dr.pogodin/react-themes‌ (source) – UI style themes for React components with CSS modules, and theme composition. It allows to easily reuse the same core components inside different applications, and contexts, modifying the look via default, context, and ad hoc themes. It is powered by CSS modules, and core HTML/CSS mechanics, without relying on unstable dependencies, nor restricing the usage of your other tools of choice.

Android Applications

I have implemented a number of Android applications (not maintained actively due to a lack of payback from these apps).
  • Irish Tin Whistle Tabs LogoIrish Tin Whistle Tabs‌ – This free App helps to learn playing popular traditional Celtic, Irish, and Scottish tunes, and some other melodies on Irish D-Tin Whistle. It contains a collection of music sheets with both the notes, and the fingering tablatures, thus allowing to practice without any knowledge of musical notation. It can play every melody, showing the playback progress on the music sheet, thus facilitating the mastering of instrument. It also allows to slow down playback rate for beginners.
  • Recorder Tabs LogoRecorder Tabs‌ – Similar to Irish D-Tin Whistle Tabs app, but for recorder flute.
  • Ocarina Tabs LogoOcarina Tabs (for 12 holes insturment)‌ – Similar to Irish D-Tin Whistle Tabs app, but for Ocarina with 12 holes.
    Temporary removed from the store by Google, due to misconfiguration of advertisements shown in app by one of ad providers.
  • Fence The Ball LogoFence The Ball‌ (free version with ads) ‌ – A casual jezzball-like game with the goal to draw lines fencing areas around moving balls, which cannot be touched.
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