Software Engineering

Do you need software engineering services? Look no further!

Dr. Pogodin has a diverse software engineering experience, both as a developer, and as a technical project manager. Depending on the project scope, I can handle it personally, and/or help you to leverage the 1M+ members strong ‌Topcoder‌ community to get the job done.

I am a prominent member of Topcoder community, also known as ‌birdofpreyru. ‌Topcoder MVP, ‌Topcoder Open Software Development Champion in 2020, and ‌2017, with a great record of success in competition-based software engineering challenges. Also a technical project manager for development and data-science challenges.

Contracting me directly, you can secure one of the top Topcoder members to handle your project, combining the best of two worlds: the award-winning professional overseeing, and developing your entire project, along with the full strength of the leading crowdsourcing community.

Topcoder Records

Each victory mark corresponds to a Topcoder challenge I have completed successfully in various roles:
– Topcoder Open Champion
1st – winner
2nd – runner-up
– another prize placement
– copilot (technical project manager)
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Open Source

Here are some open source packages, and repositories I created/forked, and currently maintain:

∗) d/mo are the monthly download numbers.

Android Applications

Some Android Apps I created as pet projects.

iOS Applications

Some iOS Apps I created as pet projects.

Web Development

Some pet web-development projects.

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