PostCSS Modules Parser

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A CSS Modules parser to extract tokens from the css file. Provides opportunity to process multiple files. Supports both synchronous and asynchronous file loaders.


This is a fork of postcss-icss Git repository, updated to use the latest dependency versions. The Git repo hosts codebases of both postcss-modules-parser (older), and postcss-icss (newer) NPM packages. The present fork updates and releases postcss-modules-parser only.


In order to use it you should provide a fetch function which should load contents of files and process it with the PostCSS instance. fetch function should return tokens or promise object which will resolve into tokens.

var Parser = require('@dr.pogodin/postcss-modules-parser');

 * @param  {string} to   Path to the new file. Could be any.
 * @param  {string} from Path to the source file. Should be absolute.
 * @return {object}      Tokens
function fetch(to, from) {
  // load content
  return instance.process(css, {from: filename}).root.tokens;

new Parser({fetch: fetch});

See the examples:

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