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A fork of postcss-icss Git repository, updated to use the latest dependency versions. The Git repo hosts codebases of both postcss-modules-parser (older), and postcss-icss (newer) NPM packages. The present fork updates and releases postcss-modules-parser only.

A CSS Modules parser to extract tokens from the css file. Provides opportunity to process multiple files. Supports both synchronous and asynchronous file loaders.


In order to use it you should provide a fetch function which should load contents of files and process it with the PostCSS instance. fetch function should return tokens or promise object which will resolve into tokens.

var Parser = require('@dr.pogodin/postcss-modules-parser');

 * @param  {string} to   Path to the new file. Could be any.
 * @param  {string} from Path to the source file. Should be absolute.
 * @return {object}      Tokens
function fetch(to, from) {
  // load content
  return instance.process(css, {from: filename}).root.tokens;

new Parser({fetch: fetch});

See the examples:

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