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:import("library/button.css") {
  i__imported_button_0: button;
:export {
  continueButton: _source_continueButton i__imported_button_0;
._source_continueButton {
  color: green;


:export {
  continueButton: _source_continueButton _button_button
._button_button {
  /*common button styles*/
._source_continueButton {
  color: green

Note: should be used after postcss-modules-extract-imports and postcss-modules-scope.

The postcss-modules-resolve-imports plugin also fixes @import and url() paths (which doesn't start from /) for the included modules from the different folders.


This is also a fork of postcss-modules-resolve-imports, upgraded to use latest versions of dependencies. Released to NPM as a new package @dr.pogodin/postcss-modules-resolve-imports


icssExports boolean

Adds the :export declaration to the resulting css. In case you need the JavaScript object with tokens, you may obtain it by accessing the lazyResult.root.exports property. For example,

const lazyResult = postcss([...plugins]).process(cssString, {from: filepath});
const tokens = lazyResult.root.exports;

resolve object

Configure how modules should be resolved.

resolve.alias object

Create an aliases for the modules paths. For example, create an alias for the lib directory with common modules:

alias: {
  lib: path.resolve(__dirname, 'lib'),

Now, instead of using relative paths when composing:

.button {
  composes: normal from '../../lib/button.css';

you can use the alias:

.button {
  composes: normal from 'lib/button.css';

resolve.extensions array

Automaticaly check files with the provided extensions.


Allows you to omit file extensions while using compose:

.button {
  composes: normal from '../lib/button';

resolve.modules array

Provide additional directories to check the modules in. Should be absolute paths only.

[path.resolve(__dirname, 'lib')]

resolve.mainFile string

Specifies the default filename to be used while resolving directories. Default: index.css.

resolve.preserveSymlinks boolean

Wether to resolve symlinks in paths. Defaults to nodejs behaviour: false, (parsed from --preserve-symlinks or environment variable PRESERVE_SYMLINKS).

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