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Getting Started

Starter Pack

@dr.pogodin/react-starter is a generic web app starting pack based on this React Utils library. It has most of its advanced features configured and demonstrated in a number of example pages.

TypeScript Support

Starting with the version v1.26.0 the library supports TypeScript utilities, although it is not yet documented, and likely requires further work.


To get started with it:

  • Clone the starter pack.
  • Check out the latest version of code tagged like starter-vX.Y.Z.
  • Install dependencies and run in development mode:
    npm install
    npm run dev
  • Check examples at http://localhost:3000 and the underlying code.
  • Start-working on your project by modifying the code as necessary.


To upgrade a project started from this starting pack:

  • Fetch the latest starter pack code updates into your repo.
  • Merge the latest starter pack code version tagged as starter-vX.Y.Z into the working branch of your project.
  • Resolve any code merge conflicts, taking into account react-utils release notes.
  • Upgrade dependencies by ./node_modules/.bin/react-utils-setup command.
  • Smoke test your project and fix any issues.


  • Install react-utils into your project with these commands:

    npm install --save @dr.pogodin/react-utils
  • Import the global stylesheet into the root of your ReactJS app by adding the code:

    /* eslint-disable global-require */
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
    } else {
    /* eslint-enable global-require */

    If import and require statements are intermixed in the same module import statements are always hoisted on top. You should take a special care in such case to ensure that these global stylesheets are loaded before any other library parts, or its component styling may be screwed.

    Learn more

  • To upgrade the library run


    and perform any necessary changes mentioned in release notes.

  • Various advanced features of this library may require additional setup as per their documentation.