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Getting Started

Starter Pack

@dr.pogodin/react-starter is a generic web app starting pack based on this React Utils library. It has most of its advanced features configured and demonstrated in a number of example pages.


To get started with it:

  • Clone the starter pack.
  • Check out the latest version of code tagged like starter-vX.Y.Z.
  • Install dependencies and run in development mode:
    npm install
    npm run dev
  • Check examples at http://localhost:3000 and the underlying code.
  • Start-working on your project by modifying the code as necessary.


To upgrade a project started from this starting pack:

  • Fetch the latest starter pack code updates into your repo.
  • Merge the latest starter pack code version tagged as starter-vX.Y.Z into the working branch of your project.
  • Resolve any code merge conflicts, taking into account react-utils release notes.
  • Upgrade dependencies by ./node_modules/.bin/react-utils-setup command.
  • Smoke test your project and fix any issues.


  • Install react-utils into your project with these commands:

    npm install --save @dr.pogodin/react-utils
  • Import the global stylesheet into the root of your ReactJS app by adding the code:

    /* eslint-disable global-require */
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
    } else {
    /* eslint-enable global-require */

    If import and require statements are intermixed in the same module import statements are always hoisted on top. You should take a special care in such case to ensure that these global stylesheets are loaded before any other library parts, or its component styling may be screwed.

    Learn more

  • To upgrade the library run


    and perform any necessary changes mentioned in release notes.

  • Various advanced features of this library may require additional setup as per their documentation.