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import { newAsyncDataEnvelope } from '@dr.pogodin/react-global-state';

The newAsyncDataEnvelope() function creates a new plain JS object, satisfying the AsyncDataEnvelopeT type, and with reasonable initial values of its fields.

Its TypeScript signature is

function newAsyncDataEnvelope<DataT>(
initialData: DataT | null = null,
{ numRefs = 0, timestamp = 0 } = {},
): AsyncDataEnvelopeT<DataT>;

Generic Parameters

  • DataT — The type of data to be stored in the created envelope.


  • initialData DataT | null — Optional. The initial datum to put in the envelope, if any; otherwise null (default) means to create an empty envelope.
  • optionsobject — Optional. Additional parameters:
    • numRefs — Initial value of the reference counter. Defaults 0.
    • timestamp — Initial data timestamp. Defaults 0.


A new object of type AsyncDataEnvelopeT<DataT>, with initialData assigned into its data field; empty string assigned into its operationId field; and its numRefs and timestamp initialized according to given options, or to their default zero values.