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import { type AsyncDataEnvelopeT } from '@dr.pogodin/react-global-state';

The AsyncDataEnvelopeT type describes a state segment storing data managed by useAsyncData() and useAsyncCollection() hooks, alongside related meta-data. It is defined as a generic type:

type AsyncDataEnvelopeT<DataT> = {
data: null | DataT;
numRefs: number;
operationId: string;
timestamp: number;

The function newAsyncDataEnvelope() helps to create a new plain JS object matching AsyncDataEnvelopeT type, with its fields initialized to appropriate defaults.

Generic Parameters

  • DataT — The type of data stored in the envelope.


  • dataDataT | null — The data currently stored in the envelope, if any; or null if the envelope is empty.

  • numRefsnumber — The number of mounted useAsyncData() hooks currently using data in this envelope. It is used by useAsyncData() for garbage collection from the state using a simple reference counting.

  • operationIdstring — The UUID of the ongoing data loading operation for this envelope, if any is in progress; an empty string otherwise. Changing this UUID before the loading operation ends effectively cancels it, and instructs related hook(s) to ignore the operation result.


    Server-side and client-side UUID start with S and C letter prefixes respectively. At the client side, if an envelope stores operationId starting with S letter, it is understood as a non-terminated data loading operation during SSR, nad it is automatically restarted at the client-side in such case.

  • timestampnumber — The timestamp (in milliseconds) when current data were loaded into the envelope (or the last time they were refreshed).