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import { type ForceT } from '@dr.pogodin/react-global-state';

ForceT is a special type for «unlocking» overloads of hooks and functions that allow to enforce arbitrary value types.

For example, useGlobalState() has such overload (here we omit the exact details behind ValueT definition):

function useGlobalState<
Forced extends ForceT | false = false,
ValueT = void,
path: null | string | undefined,
initialValue?: ValueOrInitializerT<ValueT>,
): UseGlobalStateResT<ValueT>;

Which can be used with ForceT to enforce arbitrary type of ValueT:

import { type ForceT } from '@dr.pogodin/react-global-state';

const [aString, aStringSetter] = useGlobalState<ForceT, string>('some.path');