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import { type AsyncCollectionLoaderT } from '@dr.pogodin/react-global-state';

The AsyncCollectionLoaderT type is the signature of a valid data loader function for the useAsyncCollection() hook.

It is defined as a generic type:

type AsyncCollectionLoaderT<DataT> =
(id: string, oldData: null | DataT) => DataT | Promise<DataT>

Generic Parameters

  • DataT — The type of data loaded by the loader function.


The data loader function receives two arguments:

  • idstring — The identifier of collection item to load.
  • oldDataDataT | null — The item previously loaded for this id, if any; or null.


The data loader function should return either a Promise of DataT value for the given ID, or DataT value directly. In the former case, the corresponding envelope in the global state will be in the (re-)loading state while the promise resolution or rejection is awaited; in the later case DataT value will be writted into the envelope synchronously, without visiting the intermediate (re-)loading state.