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Dr. Pogodin's React Utils

@dr.pogodin/react-utils is yet another ReactJS development kit. It provides a selection of components, configurations, functions, scripts, styles, and utilities routinely necessary in most ReactJS projects.


It is intended for a freelance developer who has to rapidly prototype and then simultaneously develop and maintain different ReactJS projects at the same time. The aim is:

  1. To ensure the same tooling and developer experience across multiple independent projects relying on the library, at least as far as generic web app programming with ReactJS is concerned.
  2. To provide efficient solution of common challenges in web app programming with ReactJS.
  3. To facilitate updates of dependencies across multiple independent project.

In particular, this library and related starter pack cover:

  • Code splitting.
  • Efficient global state management (with help of React Global State library).
  • Generally useful components and helper functions.
  • Hot Module Reloading (HMR) in development mode.
  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR).
  • Visual context and ad hoc theming of reusable components (via React Themes library).
  • etc.

The current documentation is not the strong point of the library, as it is currently a one-man project, used in personal and some commercial projects. Thus, the documentation serves as a good reference for a user with deep knowledge of the library, but not that good for a newcomer.

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