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import { getSsrContext } from '@dr.pogodin/react-global-state';

getSsrContext(throwWithoutSsrContext = true): SsrContext;

Gets SsrContext object (the server-side rendering context, which is used to pass global-state-related data between rendering iterations).


  • throwWithoutSsrContext - boolean - If true (default) this hook will throw if no SSR context is attached to the global state. Pass in false to not throw in such case. In either case the hook will throw if no parent GlobalStateProvider (hence no global state) is found.


Returns SsrContext object.


This hook throws in these cases:

  • If current component has no parent GlobalStateProvider in the rendered React tree.
  • If throwWithoutSsrContext is true, and there is no SSR context attached to the global state provided by GlobalStateProvider.