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import { withRetries } from '@dr.pogodin/react-utils';

function withRetries(action, maxRetries = 3, interval = 300): Promise

Attempts to perform the given asynchronous action up to maxRetries times, with the given interval [ms] between attempts. If an attempt is successful the function resolves to its result right away. If all allowed attempts failed the function rejects with the error thrown from the last attempt.


The withRetries() source code has been moved to JS Utils library, and it is re-exported from there; thus it also can be imported just as

import { withRetries } from '@dr.pogodin/js-utils';
import { withRetries } from '@dr.pogodin/react-utils';

let firstCall = true;

function sampleAction() {
if (!firstCall) return 'success';
firstCall = false;
throw Error('The first call to this function fails (throws)');


// After 1s delay it prints: "success".

Arguments & Result

  • actionfunction — An asynchronous operation to attempt. Can be a synchronous function as well.
  • maxRetriesnumber — Optional. Maximum number of attempts. Defaults 3.
  • intervalnumber — Optional. The interval between attempts in milliseconds. Defaults 300 (~1/3 s).
  • Resolves to the result of the first successful action attempt (without any further attempts after the success); or rejects with the error thrown from the last allowed, and failed attempt.