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./node_modules/.bin/react-utils-setup [options] [libraries...]

This NodeJS script facilitates library setup and upgrades. It helps to install library depedencies into a host package, using the required versions, and also saving them into the host's package.json.

This script installs each library from the whitespace separated list [libraries...]. After installing each library, it also installs into the host package:

  1. All development dependencies of that library, with the versions taken from the library's package.json. Installed dependencies are also saved as dev dependencies of the host package.
  2. All production dependencies, commong between the library and the host package, using the versions from the library's package.json. The versions are also saved into the host's package.json.

If no [libraries...] are specified, the latest version of @dr.pogodin/react-utils is installed by default.

With --just-fix-deps option no libraries are installed, but their currently installed versions are checked, and their dependencies are installed into the host package in the way described above.

In other words, the command


is equivalent to manually executing

npm install --save @dr.pogodin/react-utils@latest
npm install --save-dev dev-dep-1@version dev-dep-2@version ...
npm install --save prod-dep-1@version prod-dep-2@version ...

where the lists of dev and prod dependencies are formed in the way described above.