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import { config } from '@dr.pogodin/react-utils';

The config module provides isomorphic application configuration, based on the node-config library. At the server-side it works just as the node-config library import. At the client side it is makes the config available in the same format via config injection into HTML template during the server-side rendering.

These are two special things about the client-side config:

  • Any configuration in the SECRET config segment is stripped out before the injection into the frontend template by the server-side renderer, thus providing a configuration segment where server-side only secrets can be stored.


    module.exports = {
    // These configs are available both client- and server-side:
    SAMPLE_KEY: 'sample value',
    KEY_1: 'value 1',
    KEY_2: 'value 2',
  • Some extra fields required for internal workings of react-utils library may be added to the config.