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import { Dropdown } from '@dr.pogodin/react-utils';

The Dropdown component implements a dropdown input themed using React Themes library. Under the hood it is rendered as the standard <select> element, thus the styling support is somewhat limited.


If current value does not match any provided (and filtered, if filter is set) option, Dropdown will add an extra «invalid» option to represent current value. This ensures Dropdown correctly displays such value when it is closed, rather than displaying the first valid option, not matching the actual value. In this scenario, when Dropdown is opened this «invalid» option is hidden from the list of valid selections in browsers that support it (e.g. Chrome), or it is shown as disabled (and is non-selectable) in other browsers (e.g. Safari). The CSS styling for this hidden «invalid» option can be modified via the hiddenOption theme key.


  • filter - function - Options filter function. When provided, only those elements of options list will be used by the dropdown, for which this filter function returns true.
  • label - string - Dropdown label.
  • onChange - function - Selection event handler.
  • options - Array<DropdownOption | string> - An array of dropdown options. It is fine to intermix DropdownOption and string items within the same option list. For string items the option value and name will be the same.
  • theme - DropdownTheme - Ad hoc theme.
  • value - string - The currently selected value.
  • Other props of themed components.

Represents a single option inside Dropdown component. It is an object with the following properties:

  • name - string - The option name to render in UI. When not given the value is used as the name.
  • value - string - Option value.

See React Themes docs to learn how component theming works. The valid theme keys for Dropdown are:

  • arrow - Dropdown arrow.
  • container - The root dropdown element.
  • hiddenOption - The "hidden option" element, which is rendered when the current dropdown value is undefined.
  • label - Dropdown label.
  • option - Each option element.
  • select - The underlying <select> element.