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import { Link } from '@dr.pogodin/react-utils';

The Link and almost identical NavLink components are auxiliary wrappers for React Router's components of the same names; they help to handle external and internal hyperlinks in a uniform manner. The NavLink additionally helps to apply conditional hyperlink styling when its URL matches the current location.

A Link (NavLink) instance is rendered as a simple <a> element in the following cases:

  1. If its URL is absolute, i.e. it starts with https:// or https://.
  2. If it points to an anchor, i.e. its URL starts with # symbol.
  3. If it should be opened in a new tab; i.e. its openNewTab property equals true.
  4. If it was opted explicitly, i.e. its enforceA property equals true.

Otherwise it is rendered as the usual React Router's <Link> (<NavLink>) component. In this case the link also scrolls the document to the top each time the link is triggered, if such behaviour was not opted out explicitly, i.e. if its keepScrollPosition property is not equal true.

Both <Link> and <NavLink> support all properties of the underlying React Router's components, along with some additional props.



  • children - React Node - Component children, if any, will be rendered as the link's content.
  • className - string - CSS class(es) to apply.
  • disabled - boolean - Disables the link.
  • enforceA - boolean - Enforces rendering of the link as a simple <a> element.
  • keepScrollPosition - boolean - If set, and if the link is rendered as a React Router's component, it won't reset the viewport scrolling position to the top when the link is triggered.
  • onClick - function - Event handler for clicks.
  • onMouseDown - function - Event handler for "mouse down" events.
  • openNewTab - boolean - Opts to open the link in a new tab.
  • replace - boolean - Opts to replace the current entry in the navigation history stack when the link is triggered, instead of adding a new entry into the stack.
  • to - string - Target URL.
  • caseSensitive - boolean
  • className - string | function - By default "active" classname is automatically added if the link is active. The prop can be a function with the signature: (isActive: boolean) => string.
  • end - boolean - Opts to apply the active state only if the current location is at the end of this link's URL.
  • style - object | function - Can be either styles object, or a function with the signature (isActive: boolean) => object.