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import { PageLayout } from '@dr.pogodin/react-utils';

The PageLayout component implements a simple page layout, themed using React Themes library. It keeps the main page content centered in a column of limited width, which fills entire viewport on small screens (under $screen-md = 1024px size). At larger screens the main column keeps $screen-md size, and it is centered at the page, surrounded by side panels, where additional content can be displayed.


  • children - React.Node - Component children, if any, are rendered as the content of main layout panel.
  • leftSidePanelContent - React.Node - The content for left side panel.
  • rightSidePanelContent - React.Node - The content for right side panel.
  • theme - [PageLayoutTheme] - Ad hoc visual theme.
  • Other props of themed components.


See React Themes documentation to learn how themed components work. The valid theme keys for PageLayout are:

  • container - The root container of PageLayout.
  • mainPanel - The main content panel.
  • sidePanel - Applied to both side panels.
  • leftSidePanel - Applied to the left side panel, in addition to sidePanel styling.
  • rightSidePanel - Applied to the right side panel, in addition to sidePanel styling.